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Towing service in Elmhurst

Having a bad day as your vehicle broke in the middle of a neighborhood or a highway? Have no idea what to do?

Well there is literally nothing to worry about, as this happens to citizens of New York quite often. Which is why we are Introducing; Xtreme Towing & Recovery INC, a fast and professional towing company that started as a family owned business and has now expanded into big team of people and a fleet of vehicles, fully equipped to solve problems such as yours. We provide a number of vehicle towing services depend upon the needs of our customers. Among the many services we provide, some of the most popular ones include:

operations. Some of the most highlighted services we provide are:

  • Flatbed Towing
  • Emergency Towing
  • Roadside Assistance

Elmhurst, formerly known as Newtown, is a middle class neighborhood in New York City’s borough of Queens. The neighborhood is bounded by Roosevelt Avenue on the north, New York Connecting Railroad on the west, Junction Boulevard on the east and the Long Island Expressway on the south. Elmhurst is a part of Queens Community Board 4. The residents of this neighborhood, are multi-cultural and follow a number of religions. It houses the Elmhurst Baptist Church, Elmhurst Muslim Center, Elmhurst Islamic Center, First Presbyterian Church of Newtown, Christian Testimony Church and Bangladesh Hindu Mandir among many other religious monuments.

The ZIP code of Elmhurst is 11373.

The famous residents of Elmhurst, Queens include, Tommie Agee, Patty Duke, Carroll O’Connor and Julissa Bermudez.

What are Elmhurst’s major attractions?

The many attractions of Elmhurst are its restaurants which are providing a mix of a number of flavors from around the world. Some of the most notable ones include, Pondok Jakarta that serves Indonesian delicacies, Chao Thai Too that is a three-way toss-up of the best Thai food, Taste Good that is one of New York City’s best Malaysian restaurants, Taiwanese Specialties that bring the unique flavor of Taiwanese food into the mix and finally the Mei Wei Kitchen that serves Chinese food to all the New Yorkers and locals of the neighborhood. Apart from restaurants, Elmhurst has an attractive shopping mall named as the Queens Center that is famous among the locals and tourists alike.

The Problem:

Pettit Avenue, Baxter Avenue, Ketcham Street and Layton Street are all among the busiest roads in the neighborhood of Elmhurst. They are also among the roads where there is a greater possibility of road accidents and many other similar roadside incidents. Which might bring an important question to your mind, what if you are involved in a road accident in Elmhurst? Who are you going to ask for help to move your wrecked vehicle which can barely move?

How can Xtreme Towing & Recovery INC help?

Xtreme Towing & Recovery INC, gets up to the task once we receive a call from our customers. At our company, we employ active team members and a fleet of ready-to-use towing vehicles, which are fully equipped to help you tow your broken or wrecked vehicle in your time of need. So, if you are ever trapped in any situation that involves a roadside accident and require any form of towing or roadside assistance, simply contact us on the information given below.

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