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Towing Service in Oakland Gardens

Are you stuck at an unfortunate road accident? And do you require Long Distance Towing of your vehicle?

Xtreme Towing Company NYC, a New York City based company that provides all types of services, handling different roadside situations. Among a variety of services we provide, some of the most notable are:

operations. Some of the most highlighted services we provide are:

  • Long Distance Towing
  • Illegal Vehicle Towing
  • 24 Hours Roadside Assistance

Our commitment and professionalism to the work we do has made us popular among the people of many local communities of Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn. No matter in what roadside situation you are, our help is simply a call away!

Oakland Gardens is basically a middle class neighborhood which is located in the south of Bayside. A quieter neighborhood in comparison with the other neighborhoods of Queens, Oakland Gardens, shares a border with Cunningham Park to the west, Alley Pond Park to the east, Union Turnpike to the south, Whitestone to the north, Bellerose to the southeast and Queens Village to the south. It is a part of the Queens Community Board 11, whose name is probably derived from an 1847 mansion built by Fredrick Newbold Lawrence, named as “The Oaks”. Oakland Gardens is referred to by people as the southern Bayside because of its similarity and proximity to Bayside.

The ZIP code for Oakland Gardens is 11364.

What are Oakland Gardens’ major attractions?

As mentioned earlier, it is itself a comparatively quieter neighborhood of Queens. The only major attractions of this neighborhood are its hotel which are quiet reasonable for tourists and residents alike. The area gets populated with traffic due to its close connection with the Bayside, another neighborhood of Queens, which is regarded as the one of the most important neighborhoods of the Queens borough. Therefore, the traffic and its connection with the Bayside keeps this neighborhood husting and bustling at all times of the day.


The Problem:

Because of the increasing amount traffic Oakland Gardens receives daily, the chances of daily road incidents are becoming increasingly likely. Which poses a very important question to not only its residents but the visitors and passersby of this neighborhood; who is going to help to tow their damaged vehicle in case they get involved in an unfortunate road accident?

How can Xtreme Towing Company NYC help?

We at Xtreme Towing Company NYC are ready to help! We assure our current and prospective customers that they don’t need to worry in case they get involved in any unfortunate roadside incident because our team and fleet of vehicles is always ready to reach any neighborhood or community of not only Queens, but also of Brooklyn and Bronx. Therefore, help to tow a damaged vehicle for anyone involved in a roadside accident is only a call away!

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