About Hollis

Hollis, previously known as East Jamaica, is a peaceful but artsy residential located on the southeastern edges of the Queens County in the New York City. It is bordered by the Atlantic Branch of the Long Island Rail Road to the west; by Hillside to the north; to the east by Francis Lewis Boulevard; by Murdock Avenue to the south. Hollis is proximal to Queens and Jamaica village.
Most of the area of the neighborhood is considered to be the part of Saint Albans postal district. It is controlled by the NYPD’s precinct and the public schools are operated by the New York City Department of Education. The residential is held by the Queens Community Board 12. The zip code is 11423.
It has diverse transportation but most of the people here have their own cars.
It is largely an African American community, many Asian and Hispanic people have been residing there since past few years. poignant
Just so you know, the township is a house of many famous hip hoppers like Mario Cuomo and Colin Powell.
There are fewer chick restaurants, shopping malls, and pubs, but the place is popular for its burgers.

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