About Woodhaven

Woodhaven, formerly known as Woodville, is a diverse and retro suburbia located on the central portion of boroughs of the Queens County in the New York City. The lime neighborhood is bounded by the public Forest Park and Park Lane South to the north; by Richmond Hill to the east; Ozone Park to the south at the Atlantic Avenue; and it is bordered by the nabes of Brooklyn to the west.
The historic suburban residential is the part of Queens Community Board 9. The zip code of Woodhaven is 11421. It is served by the New York City Department of Education School District no. 27, bordered by the Nassau County on one side and Brooklyn on the other side of the neighborhood.
The suburbia is amassed with huge trees, for this reason, it is known as the oasis of Queens. You can stroll along the streets of the suburban locality and also treat yourself from the Latin food available at the multifarious restaurants.
Also, it is the home to many ethnicities including Hispanic and European in large number, and Americans and Africans also take part in building the population.
The oldest neighborhood is a house of Victorian streets with the single and multi-story of spacious homes.

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