About Bellerose

Bellerose, also known as Bellerose Manor, is a working-middle-class neighborhood located on the eastern edges of the Queens County of the New York City, conjoining with the parts of Nassau County and Long Island Road way. The northern corner of neighborhood is separated by a part of Nassau border by the neighboring Floral Park of Queens to the east, parted by Little Neck Parkway. The parts of the locality are adjoining with the Bellerose Village and Bellerose Terrace in the Nassau County, separated by Jericho Turnpike.
Bellerose is a part of Queens Community Board 13 and the zip code is 11426.

The marching trees enhances the beauty of the old town, where vintage houses add in more attraction the place. Bellerose Playground and Bereininger Park are the main fascinating spots of the neighborhood. Also, the township holds reputed schools of the district its premises.

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