About Breezy Point

Breezy Point is the most attractive beach point in the whole Queens County of the New York City. It is located between Rockaway Inlet and Jamaica on the western verges of the Rockaway Peninsula, on the innermost sides and the Atlantic Ocean. The neighborhood is a part of Queens Community District 14. The zip code of the coastal area is 11697.
Breezy Point is private and working-class community owned by Breezy Point Cooperative, in which all the residents, hold shares, pay monthly fees that cover their private security, garbage removal, ground, sewerage and water maintenance.
The neighborhood has a recreational site known as Breezy Point Tip to the west which is a part of Gateway National Recreational Area, controlled by the National Park Services.
This community is also known as Irish Riviera due to amassed population of Irish Americans. Other populations living here include the African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics, Asians, Latinos, and Pacific Islanders.

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