About Forest Hills

Forest Hills (originally known as Whitepot) is an arrow-shaped upper-middle-class suburbia which is located in the central corners of the Queens County of New York City. It is bordered by Burns Street to the north; to the east by Union Turnpike; Greenway South and Harrow Street to the south, and to the west by Tennis Place and Continental Avenue. The Bustling Austin Street intersects Forest Hills where lies various restaurants for the visitors. The municipal lies in the Queens Community Board 6 holding the zip code as 11375.
The neighborhood is bounded by two enormous recreational parks, Flushing Meadows−Corona Park and Forest Park.
Tennis is one the great and commemorated traditions of the community. The famous Forest Hills Stadium keeps historical importance in the locality, also, the club offers primeval grass courts for its members.
The National Register of Historic Places has listed the Church-in-the-gardens, St. Luke’s Episcopal, and the United States Post Office.

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