About Oakland Gardens

The small and peaceful town is a middle-class neighborhood on the south of Bayside. The community is encased by the Long Island Expressway to the north, to the east by Alley Pond Park, to the south by the Union Turnpike and by Cunningham Park to the west.
Moreover, Whitestone community is located to its north, Queens and Bellerose Village is located on the south and southeast of the Oakland Gardens, respectively. The little township is a part of Queens Community Board 11. 11364 is the zip code of the neighboring community of Queens County.
Cunningham Park is the most known recreational spot in the neighborhood where natives go for BBQ and picnics. the Benjamin N. Cardoza High School is one of the reputed educational institutes in New York City under the premises of Queens County
Oakland Gardens is often confused by the Bayside community located to the north of the boroughs of Queen; however, many people have named the neighborhood as southern Bayside due to its closeness to Bayside.

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