Flatbed Towing Company In New York

Towing is a service that a person needs when he or she is stranded on the road without any help. The reason for the non-working car can be a broken engine, a burst tire, or a blown radiator, but these are not consumer repairable damages. You will need to take your car to a repair shop to get your car fixed. However, the problem is that the car is not able to move. So, you will have to call someone who can winch or tow your car out of the road and into a mechanics shop. To do this, you will have to call a company that has experience dealing with these types of problems. Towing Company NYC is just the company that you need. We have years of experience, and we can help you tow your car in the most professional way possible. We have trained our employees to avoid any sort of cosmetic damage o your car while loading and unloading it. So, give us a call if you need help, and we will be there for you in no time.

Tow Truck Bed

A tow truck bed is the flat part of the truck on which the car is loaded. There are many types of tow trucks beds like:

  • Flatbed
  • Integrated beds
  • Wheel lift Trucks
  • Hook and chain Trucks


These are the most common truck in the fleet of any roadside assistance company. They have a flat back so that anything can be loaded and towed easily using them.

Integrated Beds

These are heavy-duty trucks. They are used to tow and relocate heavy machinery and big vehicles like other trucks and buses. They are costly. Every company has an average of 2 trucks like this in their fleet.

Wheel Lift Trucks

As their name suggests, wheel lift tow trucks tow the vehicle by lifting their wheels above the ground and holding them in a lever. They are also used a lot in the roadside assistance business.

Hook and Chain Trucks

Hook and chain trucks are the oldest type of tow trucks. They relocate the vehicle by holding and dragging the vehicle’s front end just like a car jack.

Flatbed Tow Truck

The most common among all other types of trucks is the flatbed. It is because they can be used daily to tow all types of vehicles. The bed is flat, so they can be used to tow things other than vehicles. The best part about the truck is that they are the cheapest among all the other types. They are famous because many companies use them, and many use only flat beds in their fleet. The process of loading the vehicle on a flatbed is way easier than any other type of bed. You need to lay down and attach wheel supports at the end of truck then a winch and hook are attached to the loop of the car. If the car can get on the truck by itself, the hook is not attached, and the car gets on the truck. If the car is not functional at all, then the winch pulls the vehicle on the truck, and then its wheels are tied to the truck to secure the vehicle. After that, the vehicle is suitable to move. Even though these are the most used trucks in any fleet, but it does not mean that they are the best. They have some limitations in their operation and capabilities. The capabilities of the flatbed are mentioned below.

Capabilities of Flatbed Truck

No doubt that a flatbed is very good at its job, but it has some drawbacks and some limits as well. Those limitations are explained below:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Stability
  • Danger


A flatbed truck is a high truck. Its height is too much for a vehicle to get loaded without any support. For this purpose, some metal plates are attached to the truck, and the vehicle must climb the truck using them. But most of the time, they fit your vehicle because only very big vehicles are affected by height. Most of the vehicles come under the safe height that the truck can tow.


The weight of the vehicle matters a lot when it comes to these trucks. If the vehicle is lightweight and has a low profile, then there is no difficulty, but the truck cannot handle it heavy or very high. This only implies very big vehicles like mini trucks and busses. Otherwise, it can handle every type of car and SUV.


As explained before, these trucks are high so, if the vehicle load also has much height, the truck can lose its stability because the center of gravity goes way above the truck can handle, and it can tilt or tip over at any sharp turn. But if we keep the vehicle’s height in check, then no problem will occur in the transportation of the vehicle.


These trucks are open-air, so if anything can harm them easily. Sometimes the wheels of the vehicle are not ties to the truck correctly, so when the truck breaks, the rope breaks, and the vehicle falls from the truck. It makes relocating the vehicle challenging, but if an expert performs the process, then the chances of anything bad happening becomes slim to none.

The best part about Towing Company NYC is that we have a big fleet of trucks. We know what kind of truck you will need for your car. We ask you on the call what happened to your car and what kind of car you drive t make sure that you do not face any problem further.

Flatbed Towing Company

Many companies in town would be ready to provide you with this tow truck flatbed service. Nevertheless, the best thing to do when you are on the road is to look for the best company. Do not let anyone take advantage of your situation. So, whenever you get stranded on the road, first, check the damage to your car. That is what has caused the car to stop. If you can repair it, then you can do some tweaks by yourself to get it running just enough so that you can go to a mechanic’s shop. If you cannot find the problem, open google and type tow truck flatbed near me. There you will see many companies to choose from. Look for the companies that have the most significant number of good reviews. Pick 2 to 3 companies of your own choice. After that, call those companies and ask for a quotation. Which company gives you the most reasonable price, hire that company. In this way, you will not get ripped off by any company, and the research will ensure that you keep safe. It will surely take some time but believe. It is worth the time.

Flatbed Wrecker Service

If you ever get into an accident, then you will need a wrecker service. The insurance company will need to inspect your car for the damage, so you do not want to drive the car yourself. The wrecker service professionals are experts in towing the car without damaging it further. We have professional and trained employees who make sure to load and unload the car in the best way possible, so you do not have to worry about it.

Flatbed Towing Rates

When you are in a difficult situation, people will try to get benefit from it most of the time. So, you try to be as safe from these types of people as much as possible. You make sure that they are not overcharging you for any flatbed tow truck service. We have made this problem very easy for you. The prices of service depend on two things, and they are mentioned and explained below:

  • Distance
  • Vehicle


The distance of the service matters because the flat deck tow truck runs on fuel, and the fuel cost will be added to the final bill. If you want to go far or the driver must come to help you from far then the bill will be big. So, make sure that you go to the nearest fuel station or mechanic to save the cost on the tow. Make sure that you call a company which is near to you. If you call the company located far from your location, then the service price will be high.


The vehicle that you want to tow also affects the price of the service. If the vehicle you want to tow is enormous, the service cost will be high because more oversized vehicles put more load on the engine, consuming more fuel. They are also challenging to get on the truck. However, if the vehicle is small, then the cost of the service will be less.

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