About Arverne

Arverne is a beachside community located on the easternmost sides of Rockaway Peninsula in the boroughs of the Queens County in the New York City. It is bordered by Edgemere to the west; by Hamels to the east; Jamaica to the north, and the Atlantic Ocean to the south.

The neighborhood starts from Beach 56th Street and expands to the Beach 79th Street, side by side the Beach Channel Drive highway which is also known as Rev. Joseph H. May Drive. The beachside locality is a part of Queens Community Board 14. The zip code of Arverne is 11692.

Just like its adjoining nabes of Rockaway Peninsula, Arverne also has versatility in the architecture of houses, from single to multi-story homes, designed public housing societies, airy bungalows with the beachfront, and many apartment buildings are also constructed in the locality.

The immigrant communities like African Americans, Asians, and Hispanics contribute to making the population of the society.

The commercial transportation services include the Beach 67th Street, Beach 60th Street, New York City Subway stations.

Kohlreiter Square is the main alluring spot of the Arverne.

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