About Floral Park

Floral Park is a blossoming common place located in the Long Island which is combined with Queens, New York City, United States. The Floral Suburban is a neighborhood of Queens which totally defines its name as the streets of that place are named on beautiful flowers.
The middle-class municipality mostly has cape-cod styled homes, many of these houses were built after WWII to accommodate the returning warriors.
The Floral Park Village is located in the Town of Hempstead having Nassau County on its western edges, whereas, the northern Jericho Turnpike is situated in the North Hempstead. The neighborhood is a part of Queen Community Board 13. The zip code of Floral Park is 11005.

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Owners of restaurants often come across such predicament when people usually park their cars on the private commercial land. You might be in hurry but that owner for sure gonna lost some customers by finding no parking area.
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