About Flushing

Flushing is the second largest residential area and the fourth largest central business district of  New York City in the borough of Queens. The Downtown Flushing is located on the northern edges of Main Street in Queens.
Flushing is considered as the Fifth Congressional District which is adjacent to the northeastern shore of the Queens County and further extends into the adjoining Nassau County. Besides Times and Herald Squares, the intersection between Main street and Roosevelt Avenue is the third busiest intersection in the New York City lying in the regions of Queens.
Moreover, the suburban area is the part of Queen Community Board 7. The neighborhood is bordered by Flushing Meadow−Corona Park to the west; Kissena Boulevard to the east of the neighborhood; Long Island Expressway is located to the south, and the Willets Point Boulevard is situated to the north of Flushing. The zips code of Flushing is considered 11355, 11352, 11354, 11358, 11367, 11371.

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