About Fresh Meadows

Fresh Meadows is one of the old communities located in the northeast of the New York City in the regions of Queens. The neighborhood is located to the south of Flushing; to the north of Fresh Meadows Playground and Horace Harding Expressway; to the west by South Flushing and the sub-municipality of Hillcrest; to the east of Cunningham Park, and bounded by Union Turnpike and St. John’s University to the south.
Cunningham Park and St. John’s University is the most eminent spots of the neighborhood. Moreover, there are many restaurants here that offer luscious food for their visitors.
This small residential is part of Queens Community Board 8 and it is worked by United States Postal Service as the zip code are 11365.

What are our services for you?

No matter how outmoded the Fresh Meadows gets, but our illegally parked NYC Towing Service will always operate in a present-day style to serve their troubled customers.

How can we help you?

No wonder the residents of Fresh Meadows are moving to other localities due to limited resources. Many locals think that this vicinity needs a lot of renovations for the achievement of a better lifestyle. There are less or no subway stations in this area, thus, it is obvious to perceive that most of the residents there must have their own cars to drive through the streets of the neighborhood.
The rush of cars often leads to disturbing parking mishaps, like people standing their cars at a private property of a random person. This activity is a civil offense which is very agitating towards the property owner. In such scenarios, our illegally parked NYC Towing Service wins the heart of the annoyed property owners because are efficient to pull the disturbing vehicle away from their area.

Why prefer us?

We are the only modernized NYC Towing Services in Fresh Meadows, that works vigorously to serve their worried customers. Sometimes, we reach even before the police arrives at the spot of the parking anomaly. So, make our NYC Towing Services your first priority next time.

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