About Glen Oaks

Glen Oaks is a societal village in the northern edges of Queens County of New York City. It is nestled between the Grand Central Parkway; bounded by Union Turnpike to the south, which is a commercial road of this zone; by Queens border (Lakeville Road) locally called the “City line” to the east, and to the west by the Cross Island Parkway.
Some of the key attractions of the village include a northern line of hills, referred as the highest point in Queens, i.e., 258.2 feet above sea level. On the south of Glen Oaks is a pristine glacial outwash plain. Moreover, on the east and north of the Glen Oaks is the New Hyde Park and North Shore Towers, respectively.
The neighborhood is carried by Queens Community Board 13. The zip code of Glen Oaks is considered as 11004.

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