About Middle Village

Middle Village is a rectangular shaped area, which is referred as “close-knit community” by its locals. It is called the heart of Queen County as it is located in the central parts of the County. The working-class locality is bordered by the Long Island Expressway and Elmhurst to the north; by Woodhaven Boulevard and Rego Park to the east; by Cooper Avenue and Glendale to the south; and by Mount Olivet and Eliot Avenue to the west. The Middle Village is a part of Queens Community Board 5 and its zip code is 11379.
The neighborhood is mostly Italian, however, other populations like, Latin Americans, Irish, and Polish are also residing here.
The community is filled with chick stores and Italian Pizza restaurants. Metro Mall is a huge mall for shopping, also, there are many historical points containing mausoleums and monuments depicting the very versatile art deco of its own.
The Juniper Valley Park is a preeminent asset of the locality as it contains 55 acres of baseball and soccer fields; many courts for tennis; playgrounds and numerous other interesting sports are also played here.

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