About Rego Park

Rego Park is a classy middle-class community located on the central sides of the Queens of New York City. The neighborhood is surrounded by Middle Village to the west; to the north by Elmhurst and Corona, and to the east and south by Forest Hills. Rego Park has these localities on its surrounding: Queens Boulevard, Long Island Expressway, Woodhaven Boulevard, and Yellowstone Boulevard.
The diversified municipality is held by Queens Community Board 6 and it is patrolled by the New York City Police Department. The zip code of Rego Park is 11374.
It is another jam-packed community of different cultures and ethnic groups, the Jewish population is the densest; however, other immigrants include, Albania, Romania, Iran, Colombia, South Asia, China, Bulgaria, Peru, and South Korea. Due to this much vast diversity of Rego Park, there are enormous choices of trying out different food restaurants every time.
The neighborhood of Queens is enriched with the Russian imported goods as well as of other countries, in the famous NetCost Market located on the Queens Boulevard.

What do we serve?

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How can we help you?

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Let’s suppose, you just have done enjoying a succulent food treat from a multi-cuisine restaurant of Rego Park but when you come back to your home, you see a random car standing on your private property, precisely at the point where you normally park your car.
In any such fretting situation, call our helpline and we will be there in few minutes to solve the stuck up situation by moving that annoying vehicle away from your owned site.

Why prefer us?

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