About Saint Albans

St. Albans is an upmarket middle-class neighborhood in the southeastern corners of the Queens County in New York City. It is placed in between the intersection of Linden Boulevard and Farmers Boulevard about two miles away from the JFK Airport. It is bounded by Jamaica to the southeast; by Cambria Heights to the west; to the north by Springfield Gardens; and by Laurelton of the northwest. It is carried by the Queens Community Board 12 and its zip code is 11412.
Addisleigh Park is a western ritzy enclave of St. Albans; it is a historical part of the locality where mostly African and Caribbean Americans are living. It is also the house of the legendary Jazz musicians.
There are many restaurants in St. Albans, especially Jamaican eateries. In addition, various shopping malls and pubs are also present in the miniature municipality.
There is no subway in the residential, but it has the famous Long Island Expressway at Linden Boulevard and Montauk Street also known as Newburg Street. This Rail Road Station is nearby the Belt and Cross Island parkways.

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